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About the Rhoer Club
The purpose of the Rhoers Club is to provide a positive experience for young women ages 13 to 18 in leadership development, academic counseling, personal counseling, mentoring, community service, and rites of passage.

Rhoer Clubs were originally founded in 1939 at the 14th International Boule of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority in New York City. Rhoers were traditionally high school aged girls who participated in many of the activities of the sorority as well as special youth development programs designed by the sorority. In 1996, Emily Gunter, teacher, motivational speaker, and author, coordinated the sorority's Rites of Passage Program at the various regional conferences. Believing that the community's most "valuable resource is the youth," Rhoer Clubs offer girls a positive experience designed to train them to be leaders and to teach them the values of self respect and responsibility. Today there are currently over 300 Rhoers across the country. Young women preparing for their futures today.

What is the purpose of the Rhoers Club?

Sigma believes that the youth today are the future tomorrow. Sigma wants to assist in guiding our young ladies to finer womanhood by preparing them to assume leadersip roles. Through sisterhood, scholarship, and service, Sigma also wishes to empower these young women to meet the challenges of the future. Sorors of Sigma serve as mentors to the young women. Sigma Sorors provide scholastic guidance, community service opportunities and academic advice while promoting community, social, political, and economis awareness. Sigma Sorors assist these young women with career and academic choices with an emphasis on leadership development. Through the Rhoers Rites of Passage Program, initiated at International Boule 1996 by Soror Dr. Emily Gunter, Sigma assists young women on their journey to a positive and healthy self identity and finer womanhood. Sigma provides a constructive, positive, cultural outlet for "little sisters" in our community. Sigma hopes to inspire these young women to heights of Great Attainment!

Some Rhoer activities include:
* Rites of Passage Retreat
* Monthly Community Service Project
* Academic Tutoring and College or Vocational Preparation
* Participation in Regional and National Conferences
* Quarterly Workshops Co-Hosted by the Sorority
* Monthly Social Gathering
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