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Eta Xi Sigma Chapter has a commitment to Sigma Gamma Rho through dedication and its stride towards excellence. It is our goal to enhance the quality of life through sisterhood, scholarship and service.

Members of Eta Xi Sigma Chapter posing for the camera in 1992. (l to r) Sorors Jacqueline Thweat-Pippion, Helen Bryant, Dr. Frances Jackson, Linda Williams, Sandra Kelly, Vivian Brown, Dr. Annie Lawrence-Brown, Dr. Carrie Davis, Tracey Brown, Saneta Jackson, Joanne Robinson, Cathryn Samuels, Patricia Brazier, and Dr. Patricia Daniels.

The Mission
On November 12, 1922, Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc. was the first African-American organization founded on the campus of Butler University in Indianapolis, Indiana. Our seven founders, all teachers, had a dream of legacy for greater service and achievement, through higher education. This was especially of signficance since it was during a time when education was difficult to attain.

We believe that knowledge, self-respect, and discipline gained through study would help individuals recognize their duty and responsibility for their society.

Our goals are to continue to rejuvenate and build bonds that set forth unity between our members and those to which the chapter come in contact, develop new service programs in order to respond to the needs of the community, promote economic, social, and emotional well-being in the African-American community, and encourage the personal growth and development of minorities so that they may grow and go beyond the "norms" to which a vast majority are constrained by.


During a time when change was needed in order to stay focused on the goals of Sigma Gamma Rho, forty-six women decided to form a new metropolitan chapter, free from the antiquated ideas of yesterday. In doing so, these young women, some originally from Delta Sigma Chapter of the Chicago Metropolitan Area, took the liberty to form Eta Xi Sigma Alumnae Chapter of Oak Lawn, Illinois on August 16, 1992; thus, creating and serving the community in a new refreshed way.

The women of Eta Xi Sigma Chapter vowed to take a stand and become a beacon of light to all womankind, by living the legacy of our illustrious founders. Eta Xi Sigma believes that we must continue to foster sisterhood through unity and greater service to all mankind. Thus, Eta Xi Sigma has prepared itself to go forth in the new millenium and make more milestones in its already extensive history.


On August 16, 1992, forty six women chartered one of the largest graduate chapters in Sigma Gamma Rho history, Eta Xi Sigma Chapter in Oak Lawn, Illinois. These women, some formerly of Delta Sigma Chapter, saw a need to expand their horizons, especially as their numbers grew. Change is never easy, but the growth of Sigma Gamma Rho outweighed any doubts we had.

Eta Xi Sigma's membership includes life members, a "Who's Who in Sigma" recipient, a Past Grand Basileus, Past Grand Second Anti-Basilei, Regional Syntaki, past Grand Epistoleus, Undergraduate Campus Coordinators, a Past Executive Director, a Past Regional Rhoer Advisor, and sorors who have past and currently hold local, regional, and nationl chairmanships. These women provide an avenue for developing leadership skills as well as professional growth through networking, especially for undergraduates.


Current Executive Board
Soror Jo Ann Hawkins White

1st Anti-Basileus
Soror Sydney Stewart

2nd Anti-Basileus
Soror Tiffany Hightower

3rd Anti-Basileus
Soror Kimberly Hardy

Soror Trenika Smith

Soror Sharon Houston

Asst. Grammateus
Soror Jo Ann Robinson

Soror Jonnie Simmons-Johnson

Asst. Anti-Grammateus
Soror Onetta Outlaw

Soror Linda Brown

Soror Annie Lawrence Brown

Soror Victoria Jackson

Soror Vivian Brown

Soror Victoria Jackson

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